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Adventure Motorcycling Tour in China

Among the few professional tourism companies in China, NAVO runs adventurous tour and featured tour. We set up our business in 1993.

As one of the earliest travel agencies in China, NAVO organizes foreign clients to travel in China by their own private vehicles. Our first client was a self-driving group from Germany. They drove their own vehicles to China in 1994.

NAVO, one of the earliest travel agencies who arrange for the oversea tourists to ride Chinese vehicles in China, welcomed our first group from Switzerland in 2007. With the help from NAVO they finished their tour by Chinese vehicles smoothly. http://www.navo-tour.com/en/itineraries/self_driving/

NAVO is also one of the earliest tour operators in China who help the foreign clients ride their own private motorcycles to travel in China. In 2004 our first group from Germany traveled in China by their own motorbikes.

For more information about traveling in China by your own private motorcycle (two-wheeled, three-wheeled or four-wheeled), please visit: http://www.navo-tour.com/en/itineraries/driving/ Or contact us for more details from our motorcycling professional: en@navo-tour.com

Through NAVO you can travel in China by your own private motorcycle, whether you have two-wheeled, three-wheeled or four-wheeled motorcycle. Moreover, a foreign-language-speaking tour guide from NAVO will escort you to get through your motorcycling tour in China. As for some group who asks for a leading car, NAVO will send the most hand-picked vehicle to serve the client in line with his requirement. It is all up to the request of our clients.

According to the tourism policy of Chinese authority, all the foreign motorcyclists who would like to travel in China by their own motorbikes should get the carnet in advance. So the pre-requisite thing is to connect with an experienced motorcycling operator in China, such as NAVO.

How to make a motorcycling tour in China?

1. Discussion about the feasible itinerary between the client and NAVO (team run-time; in & out ports; the number of vehicles, the number of tourists, the number of drivers; accommodation, etc.)

2. In view of the itinerary the process of NAVO applying the carnet is probably to take 2-3months.

3. In accordance with Chinese relevant laws and regulations, all inbound motorcycling groups must travel in China with a Chinese tour guide escorted.

Motorcycling tour is very professional and special. For more details about the organization, preparation and itinerary design etc. please contact us:

First Motorcycling Tour organized by NAVO
According to the Motorcycle Brand:
First BMW Motorcycling Group: 2004, German vehicles.

According to the Clients Origin:
First German Group: 2004
First English Group: 2009

Share travel experience of NAVO:
You can enjoy numerous pictures of adventures and featured tours in NAVO http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/. We promise every photo is from our tour team.

Travel in China, have the professional travel agency-NAVO!

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